9 reasons why HIIT Training is Important

hiit training

Why HIIT training is important for us

HIIT training is a type of cardio workout that has been getting more attention in recent years. In this post, we’ll discuss what HIIT training is and how to do it.

When you’re looking for a time-efficient way to lose weight or get healthier, HIIT Training may be the answer. The acronym stands for “high intensity interval training.” This exercise style takes less time than traditional workouts but provides results similar to those achieved by long, drawn-out exercises like jogging or cycling.

It’s also an intense workout that can help people lose weight faster than they would with other types of aerobic exercise by burning fat instead of sugar during intense bursts of activity followed by periods of rest.

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HIIT training is a most popular technique to increase fat burning and boosts metabolism.

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, which is an intense form of exercise. It utilizes a short burst of energy that lasts around 30 to 60 seconds, followed by rest periods in between each sequence. A person exercises at maximum intensity during the work phase and then rests or performs a low-intensity activity.

HIIT Training is an intense form of aerobic exercise that alternates between periods of high and low intensity, for example you might sprint up a hill or on the spot during the “high” period – before recovering in order to lose your breath at all – then slow down again until it’s time to go into another burst of energy.

The latest research has shown that HIIT training may provide greater benefits than other types of exercising when done right with a longer duration (30-40 minutes), including increased repair and production of new mitochondria, improved insulin sensitivity, more fat burning after each workout session as well as numerous beneficial hormonal changes which can lead to weight loss! You’ll also see improvements in your VO₂.

HIIT vs Steady state

There are few ways of comparing the two workouts, but one crosses over with HIIT training more than the others.

This is where calories are burned per minute in a given workout, and it can be calculated by finding out how many kilocalories (kcals) were used per kilometer or mile run for running.

HIIT has been shown to burn about 17% more kcals than steady-state endurance exercise on average at a similar intensity level. This means that you’ll lose weight faster doing HIIT training as opposed to anything else.

The other benefit of HIIT is an increase in metabolic rate during rest periods which results from increased energy expenditure after intense bursts of physical activity like sprints–even 24 hours later.

How many times should I do hit training?

In a week, The best answer to this is usually one or two times per week. This will help you lose weight without overtraining and risking injury.

it’s important that you know what’s best for your body type and fitness goals—which might not always mean going all out at the gym! If this sounds like something you want to try but don’t really know where to start,

Conclusion: After reading about HIIT training, it’s time to decide what you will do. If your goal is weight loss and fat burning, HIIT may be the best option. The science has spoken – this type of cardio workout will help get those pounds off faster than any other method! What does your future hold in store? Will it include a healthier lifestyle with more energy or one where you struggle every day?

Are they worth trying out some new workouts that might change your life forever?! You know how we feel about making decisions based on feelings alone 🙂 Let us see if we can make things easier by giving you an expert opinion on which form of exercise would work best for YOU!



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