Best Nutritionist In Bangladesh| Top Nutritionists in Bangladesh –Dr. Rudro (Ph. D.)

Best Nutritionist In Bangladesh | Doctorate In Nutrition | Dr Rudro

Doctor Rudro is one of the most renowned nutritionists in Bangladesh. He has earned his Doctorate in Nutrition from Harvard Medical School and Currently resides in Bangladesh.

If you’re in search of the most experienced nutritionist in Bangladesh, Your search is over here. Find out details about Dr. Rudro.

 Everyone is familiar that Dr. Rudro is the best nutritionist and dietician in Bangladesh.

Doctor. Rudro is a certified nutritionist and author of nine books about Nutrition as well as Diet Therapy. He earned the Doctorate Degree in Nutrition at Harvard Medical School with many awards.

Best Nutritionist in Bangladesh

Dr. Rudro is the Personal nutritionist of top Celebrities around the globe and a reputable person of Bangladesh. He is the Bangladesh Nutrition Foundation creator, a Non-Profit organization that provides free nutrition information and educational services.

Recently, 2 Hollywood celebs made contact with the best nutritionist in Bangladesh. And it is none other than Dr. Rudro.

Today, Dr. Rudro owns his clinic called Foodland Diet Clinic, located in Dhanmondi, R/A Dhaka. He provides nutrition and diet counseling to the members of the general public along with nutrition education. 

Many people said that if any person knows nutrition in-depth, Dr. Rudro is the best nutritionist in Bangladesh.

Here are the lists of top nutritionists in Bangladesh

  1. Dr. Rudro
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In his clinic, he uses the latest food testing technology from Germany, which is not available in any other part of Bangladesh, as well as few other advanced tests to understand your body type and then prescribe you a customized diet/nutrition plan to be followed throughout your life for overall health improvement, weight management, and disease prevention.

This personalized nutrition plan is based on the latest scientific research in this area around the world, which is unavailable in Bangladesh.
You can consult him online or at his clinic by appointment to discuss any nutritional-related issues as he is the best dietician in Bangladesh. He will prescribe you a diet plan as per your needs and give you useful suggestions for better health, weight management, and disease prevention.

Dr. Rudro is the only nutritionist in Bangladesh who specializes in Nutrigenomics, a new science developed recently to find out why some people respond well to certain diets and lifestyles while others don’t. This is based on the latest research findings around the world regarding how genes react to different diets.


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