The Dangers of Fruit Juice|7 things you should know

Why fruit juices are bad

Most people assume that fruit juices are healthy because they are made from natural ingredients, but this is not always the case. When you drink fruit juice, you don’t get any of the fiber or nutrition that comes with eating a whole piece of fruit. Fruit juices also can be high in sugar and calories, which can lead to weight gain and other health problems. In this article, we will explore why it’s dangerous to drink too much fruit juice.

Fruit juices contain a high sugar level and are close to the same amount of sugar as soda. They also contain limited nutrients, which is why it’s important not to drink too much fruit juice each day.


While fruit juices can be healthy if consumed in moderation, they often have high sugar levels due to fermentation that occurs during the juicing process. The majority of fruit juices on store shelves today will contain at least 21 grams per serving or more than three teaspoons worth of added sugars such as cane syrup, corn syrup (or HFCS), beet sugar, molasses, or honey. For example, orange juice typically contains 22g per cup, while grapefruit juice has around 29g.

Almost all the fiber is gone when you make juice. Fiber is what is most important when eating fruits.

fruits and juices

One of the biggest dangers with fruit juices is that they don’t offer any fiber. Adding a cup or two of juice to your diet could be enough to increase your risk for heart and digestive problems, even if you have no other dietary changes.

“The best way to maintain all the benefits that fruits provide without too many calories is just adding them into your normal meal plan.”


Fruit juice can sometimes cause diabetes. It has several health benefits, but it is not good for diabetes patients and insulin problems.


Consuming high-calorie liquids can increase weight gain and an average of 20% more than consuming high-calorie solids. Fruit juices, smoothies, and sweetened coffee drinks are often the main reason for this higher calorie intake since they lack satiety signals which tell our brain we’re full. Researchers have found that people who drink more fruit juice die quicker and get more diseases.

Overweight or obesity can lead to many health risks such as type II diabetes, heart disease and other diseases.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that people who regularly drink more than two glasses of fruit juices a day die sooner and are at higher risk for diseases like diabetes as well. However, this generalization does not take into account the different types of juices: apple juice has less sugar per serving but more calories.

Overall, Fruit juices are as healthy as they seem- or not. While fruit juice may be more beneficial than soda, it should still be avoided because of the high sugar content and lack of fiber. Plus, there is a good chance that your favorite liquid drink contains artificial flavors, colors, and other additives, which can lead to health problems.

Instead of drinking early morning orange juice before breakfast or grabbing an apple cider vinegar tonic during lunchtime, try eating whole fruits instead! Take this opportunity to experience all the benefits for yourself by incorporating more fresh produce into your diet today!


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