Do Fat Burners Work? The Truth Behind the Claims

do fat burners work

Do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burners are a popular and hotly debated topic. Some people swear by them, while others say they’re nothing more than just another weight loss gimmick. But, what is the truth behind these claims? Do fat burners work?

This blog post will break down the science to help you decide if this is an option for your weight loss journey.

What are fat burners?

A fat burner is a product that you take orally to try and help your body with fat loss. They work through either aiding the metabolism, changing the body’s general energy levels, suppressing hunger, helping increase energy expenditure, or suppressing appetite.

Fat burners are dietary supplements that help to accelerate metabolism. The fat-burning process is kick-started and inhibited by the hormone leptin. This is a regulatory hormone.

It aids in curbing appetite and boosting metabolism. Fat burners can be herbal or synthetic supplements. Still, they often contain caffeine as a stimulant, amino acids as liver boosters such as carnitine, choline for lipid metabolism, carnitine for fat metabolization and green tea extract for an energy boost.

do fat burners work for obesity?

How do fat burners work in the body?

Does it work without diet and exercise?

This isn’t true, even when you take fat burners. Most people who use fat burners need to change their diet too. Otherwise, they’ll start eating more food than average.

Many people don’t realize that it takes an average of 3400 calories worth of exercise to lose just one pound of weight.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! There are exercises you can do at home with no equipment or things like walking and jogging that won’t make your joints hurt. You can also combine exercise machines with good diet habits to get the best results.

It takes a lot more than just taking fat burners to lose weight.

Some popular fat burners are Hydroxycut, Elite Gold, Lipo-X and Trim. These all make a variety of claims about being able to help you lose weight without changing anything else in your life – but they don’t specifically mention diet or exercise habits.

Many people like to take the supplement CLA because of its potential health benefits and not just as a weight loss aid, but even without any other changes in your diet or exercise habits, this can be pretty costly – $50 per month at least.

How well do fat burners work for people that exercise well

Fat burners can help people lose weight, but they also depend on the type of fat burner used and how much exercise you do. People who have already lost a lot of weight may not get as good a result as someone who is starting from having more weight to lose.

fat loss with cycling

Some people also find it hard to stick with a strict diet if they’re using fat burners to eat more calories than usual.

The best way to lose weight is by eating a healthy, balanced diet and doing regular exercise. A fat burner may help with shedding the last few pounds, but it should not substitute for lifestyle changes.

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What did Fat burner Users claim?

One 22-Year-old Man claimed that fat burners typically work in the first stage of your body. That means If you are a new user of a fat burner, you most likely get the best results than the users who consume it for 2-3 years.

The User also claimed that he lost 30 pounds in six months with proper diet and exercise before using the fat burners. After using the fat burner Hydroxycut NextGen, he lost 9 pounds in a single month, most of the water weight and some fat.

However, he also stated that fat burners could have a significant impact on your muscle. Sometimes it is a lot harder to retain muscle while losing fat.

Common ingredients in fat burners 

There is a wide variety of natural fat burners available, including raspberry ketones, green tea extract, cayenne pepper (capsaicin), ginger root extract, capsicum fruit extract, and more. Fat burners typically contain this type of Ingredient on their products.

Fat Burners Benefits and Side effects

Almost everyone has been told that they should watch their weight and health. This is due to the high levels of obesity in both adults and children.

Healthy weight loss does not just happen overnight, but it can be gradual with the right encouragement. One way to get this encouragement is with the use of fat burners.

Depending on what ingredients they use, there may be side effects associated with taking them, such as nausea, dizziness or insomnia. It is also advised not to use them while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Let’s cite Fat burners Pros and cons.


  • Helps to burn water weight
  • Decreases body fat percentage
  • Increases energy levels 
  • Lose pounds of weight more quickly
  • Mental focus
  • More concentration throughout the day


  • Not good for long term use
  • Causes High blood pressure
  • Unusual symptoms
  • Mood swing throughout the day
  • Not a permanent solution

Some people experience increased anxiety or jitters when taking them due to caffeine content in their formula.


The truth is, there’s no way to know for sure. We’re not all the same people, and we don’t have the same bodies or metabolism. But, as with any supplement you use to try and lose weight – it can only do so much on its own.

If fat burners interest you, then go ahead and give them a shot (be careful about what ingredients they contain).

If you want a more straightforward solution than supplements, check out our meal plan service, where one of our experts will create healthy recipes for your specific goals in mind, and none of these meals include any special ingredients! Let us know what you think below by commenting on this post!



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