Glow15 Audiobook: A Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin Free Download

naomi whittel audiobook free download

Glow 15 audiobook free download

Are you carrying extra pounds in recent times that you aren’t able to shed? Do you want more energy and stamina during your daily routine? Are your skin and hair dry than they used to be? Have your locks begun to look dry and limp?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions Then Glow15is the answer.

Based on the revolutionary autophagy, a Nobel Prize-winning research field – the process through which cells clear toxins, reuse parts and repair themselves damaged cells – Glow15 is a healthy lifestyle program that can improve your appearance and make you feel younger in only 15 days.

DIET: Explore a mix between intermittent fasting as well as cycling for protein to shed weight.

Energy: Drink autophagy activating ketogenic tea to increase your metabolism.

Exercise: Work out less to maximize the benefits of your exercises.

SLEEP: Find out your type of sleep and design your own routine to get your best sleep.

Beauty: Look for the most up-to-date ingredients and the most cutting-edge techniques to look radiant.

An additional PDF that contains 50 delicious recipes for autophagy that are tasty and illustrated exercises is also included.



Download Glow 15 Audiobook by Naomi Whittel


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