Nordictrack vs Proform |Which is Best For You?

nordictrack vs proform

Nordictrack vs Proform : What worths the money?

Two prestigious companies in the fitness world dominate the treadmill market: Nordictrack and Proform. Both have a history of providing innovative and quality products for gym-goers worldwide, but which one is better? Before we answer this question, let's look at their features to compare design and function.

You may be wondering why you should care about these two brands. After all, they're not cheap! But it pays off when your new fitness machine lasts for many years without any problems or malfunctions—which is something you will never experience with an average entry-level model.

If you don't have time to read the entire article, here are the top choices for these two brands.

Best in a budget:


Best in Performance and features

Best For commercial use:

Best Overall :

Nordictrack Treadmills

nordictrack treadmill

Nordictrack is a brand name for treadmills known for durability, high-quality components, and ease of use. It has many different models depending on your needs, but they all come at a reasonable price.

The best thing about the Nordictrack is the variety of features that are offered on the treadmill. I bought a model that had incline and decline options and music options which I thought was great!

A customer often complains about the brand because it's not as readily available in sporting goods stores as other brands such as Proform.

It can also be customized for those with disabilities and older adults. The exciting part about this machine is that it doesn’t have any typical technicalities that one would find on a gym machine. This workout machine can be used as your standard running treadmill.

The Nordictrack treadmills are different from the Proform because of the incline. It has a higher incline than the proform.

It is also more expensive, but it is a much better quality machine. This makes it worth its price and then some! It is excellent if you are thinking about working out in the winter. One of the Proform's features is a cooling fan, which won't help much during winter!

The NordicTrack has 3-speed settings while the proform only has 2. The most significant difference between the two treadmills would be that one has an incline and the other doesn't. This is a good treadmill for winter use, but Proform's treadmills are ok as well!

Proform Treadmills


The first feature of the proform treadmill that could make you want to purchase it is an LCD display screen. This display screen can be used for your workout needs and adjust to your needs.

The machine will also show you how far you have travelled and how fast you are going. With this model, your data will show up on the screen in real-time. It also has a built-in fan to keep you cool during your workout.

The ProForm Treadmill is not worth the money, according to many reviews. They have a good market with elliptical and recumbent bikes, but their treadmills are nowhere near as good.

Proforms have a massive market because of their low price, but that's it.

Do NordicTrack and ProForm offer assembly at-home ?

NordicTrack and ProForm both offer in-home assembly, though the specifics of this service vary by company. For NordicTrack, you'll need to pay shipping costs upfront for in-home assembly to be done. For ProForm, you'll need to call a representative and ask them to schedule an appointment.

If you're looking to purchase a treadmill that will need to be assembled in your home, ConsumerSearch suggests taking the following factors into account:

  • 1) The price of the unit.
  • 2) The weight and dimensions, as these can vary depending on the assembly required.
  • 3) Whether or not there are locking casters (for safety).

How to Make Your Decision – ProForm or NordicTrack Treadmills?

NordicTrack and ProForm are both reputable companies with a lengthy history of producing high-quality fitness equipment. The two brands both have numerous models and styles to choose from.

Nonetheless, the brand is geared towards more experienced runners, walkers, and users looking for serious results in their workout routine. It is because of their higher horsepower, more extended running lanes, and varied intensities available with this model.

Its base has a metal frame that can take up to 400 pounds loading capacity and last you for years. This is because they offer a lifetime warranty on parts to ensure top quality and customer service. They also have the most extended warranty on the belt on any treadmill on the market at 3 years.

On the other hand, the ProForm treadmill is suited best for beginners runners, walkers, and those looking to stay fit or lose weight. They focus on looks with a sleek body found in any home gym and will not clash with your other workout equipment. These treadmills also come at a lower price point than the NordicTrack model.

1-year parts cover the belt and labour warranty with other, yet to be determined, warranties on the frame and motor (if you are interested in reading more about what this means for you, go here).

Nordictrack bike vs proform bike

A woman was testing a Nordictrack bike against a Proform Bike. She found that NordicTrack had more variety of programs to choose from. It also has an LCD screen to see what is coming up in the different workouts and how much time is left in each one.

The NordicTrack has plenty of resistance, but it's not too hard to adjust it. The Proform bike didn't have as many programs, and you had to press buttons on the monitor to change the exercise or see how much time was left.

It also has less resistance than the NordicTrack. So she likes both bikes but prefers the Nordictrack bike because of its better programming options, larger workout area, and more effortless ability to change the resistance.

You can get a more balanced bike by going with the NordicTrack.It has several models, and they all have a similar design to them. It's easier to use than other bikes in the market because it has an LCD display and a computerized display that shows your program as it progresses. It also has more resistance than other exercise bikes in the market. The pedals are more oversized and more comfortable to use.

Nordictrack vs proform bike

When you're looking into NordicTrack vs. Proform, think about your budget too. Each bike comes with a different price range, so make sure that you fit it within the budget you have set for yourself.

If you're a serious runner, you would probably spend more by getting the NordicTrack over the Proform because it has a better design and sturdier material. If you're looking for something to jog with, then you could get a Proform bike because it's cheaper than the NordicTrack.

Top choices from the experts

We have chosen the best collection of treadmills and exercise bikes. Here are the Top Choices for these two brands.

For Treadmills:

  • NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill
  • ProForm Pro 2000
  • Nordictrack 2450
  • Proform 9000
  • ProForm PRO 5000
  • NordicTrack T Series 9.5 S

For Exercise Bikes

What did People say about it?

Some reviewers feel that the Nordictrack is more durable than its counterpart at Proform. The same reviewers think that both offer excellent cardio workouts, but Proform is slightly more comfortable. The Nordictrack is made for commercial gyms with large rooms and several users; while the Proform can still be used in a gym setting, but it does have more features that make it better suited for your home environment.

The biggest thing to remember when trying to decide between these machines is that both offer quality equipment. If you are looking for the best, then either will be great for your needs. When choosing between these two models, the important thing is to make sure that you read the reviews thoroughly and go with the one that suits your needs best.


In conclusion, both of the machines have their benefits and drawbacks for your workouts. They are very similar in what they offer to you but with different brands of technology behind them. In terms of pricing, the Proform treadmill is considerably cheaper than the Nordictrack.

Many people who have used these treadmills say that they are high quality and well worth the money. Both are known to provide a great cardio workout while keeping you cool and comfortable at all times. The screens on both models are straightforward to use because they clearly show you all your essential stats like speed, distance ran, and time. Both machines also offer you a great variety of features to keep you motivated during your workout sessions.



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