The Complete Body Workout: Build Muscle, Lose Weight, and Reduce Stress

complete body workout

The Complete Body Workout: Build Muscle, Lose Weight, and Reduce Stress

If you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, or reduce stress and anxiety, this complete body workout is perfect for you! The exercises in this routine will work your whole body, and it only takes 30 minutes. Follow these steps below to get started on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

For those of you who are willing to have a perfect body, this blog post will be very helpful to you.

The whole body is the best form of exercise to get a perfect body shape and also it can improve your health condition.

Fitness experts recommend some basic rules that should follow to have better results: eat healthy food instead of junk food; hydrate yourself every day with water and other sugar-free beverages. Most of the time, you can get these beverages in the grocery store.

Resistance training: The goal for every week is to work for all major muscle groups and make sure you do not forget any group while strengthening the core along with it. You can do a circuit routine, where one exercise transitions directly into another without stopping or taking breaks in between exercises to increase your heart rate and target every part of the body.

Our next tip is to do superset if you have some experience with lifting weight. We will explore a complete workout plan that you can do for eight weeks. So, let’s start,

Day – 1

            Shoulder + Triceps

1.Barbell Shoulder Press              

             2.Arnold Press                                

             3.Plate Raise

             4.Single Hand Side Lateral Raise

             5.Dumbbell Shrug                                          3 sets | 12-12-10 | reps

             6.Rear delt  Raise

             7.Close Gripe Bench Press

             8.French Press 4 set

             9.Reverse Gripe Cable Press down

Day -2  

            Chest + Biceps

            1.Incline Bench Press                                   3 sets  |12-12-10| reps

            2.Flat Bench DB Press

            3.Decline Bench DB Fly                

            4.Cable Cross Bar fly                                   3 sets | 12-12-10 | reps

            5.Close Ez Bar Curl

            6.Spider Dumbbell Curl

            7.Rope Curl 

Day -3

            Leg + Abs

            1.Front Squat

            2.Goblet Squat

            3.Leg Press V  Shape                                   4 sets | 12-12-10-8 | reps

            4.Leg Extension

            5. Deadlift

            6.Calf Raise

            7.Leg Curl

Day -4

            Chest + Back

           *Chest Program Repeat

            1.Pull Up 4 set

            2.Reverse Grip lat pull down                     3 sets | 12-12-10| reps

            3.Both Hand Dumbbell Row

            4.High Polly Cable Hyper Extension

            5.Low Polly Cable

            6.Barbell Deadlift

Note: Do abs three times and cardio 4 times a week based on your condition.

Cardio: You can do any cardio like running, biking, or swimming for 30 minutes to an hour. This is when your body would use glycogen stores and fat as fuel instead of carbs which will help you lose weight faster. The next day rests and eats well because this will be a recovery day for you to perform better for the coming weight training.

Abs: A great ab routine to get a six-pack is something like: -Decline crunch (on the ground, with feet on bench) -Russian twist with weight in hand -Leg raise (lying down on your back and raising legs one at a time). Repeat this three times 30 reps each straight for an intense workout that will blast your abs off.

Try this routine for 3 times a week and then switch it up to continue getting results. See our other workout plan and routines that suits you.

Conclusion: If you are ready to begin your quest for a healthier lifestyle, the best place to start is using your complete body workout as an exercise machine. This type of workout will work out all of the muscles in your body and can be done anywhere with little or no equipment required. We’ve provided some steps below that will help get you started on this journey towards physical perfection! Let us know if we can provide any more information about our other workout plans and routine options.



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